Marble Dining Table and Chair Sets in UK

forest green Marble Dining Table and Chair Sets in UK

There are a lot of marble dining tables around the United Kingdom but there is a leading company when it comes to marble dining tables – DeCasa Marble UK, the one-stop answer on the search out a custom marble dining table. Here, you’ll be able to make a choice from 1000 marble dining table combination. DeCasa marble dining table is exclusive in natural marble top, travertine and granite. Whether or not it’s an intimate meal for 2 or a feast for the entire family, the proper marble dining table for the occasion is crucial. DeCasa marble dining table can be purchased with four to 6 sitter, six to eight sitter, and 8 to 10 sitter.

Here at Decasa Marble UK, we offer two shapes of marble dining table:

  • Rectangular Shape Marble Dining Table
  • Round Shape Marble Dining Table

DeCasa Rectangular Marble Dining Table

From Black Marquina to Roma Travertine, you will have lots of options to choose from here at DeCasa Marble UK. The Black Marquina has less white veins in contrast with its aesthetic black background. A marble dining table design personalized in Spain. This dining table comes with a metal base stand. Roma Travertine, on the other hand, offers blue-grey vein travertine cut with pinned holes that is naturally-occurring which adds more depth In this marble dining table. You can visit DeCasa Marble UK for more details and designs on other rectangular marble dining tables.

Round Shape Marble Dining Table

A Royal Botticino or a Romano Classico design, DeCasa Marble UK has all of it ready for you. A natural stone with great fine grain and beige color, the Royal Bottinico design makes your round marble dining table stand out in your dining area. Another great design is the Romano Classico which is a beige colored marble stone originating from Italy. You can customize its design to fit your dining area and taste.

Here at DeCasa Marble UK, we are proud to provide you with the largest variety of marble dining tables online. We believe that everyone should live in a home where they can feel that it’s comfortable. Decasa Marble UK will make sure that shoppers will have quick and easy access to our wide range of marble dining table.

Visit our store now at DeCasa Marble UK and get your very own marble dining table today!

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